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Have you heard of the law of attraction? Many people the world over are learning about the law of attraction. Have you just recently heard about the law of attraction? A universal law with the highest vibration in the universe?. Well known TV programs like Larry King Live and the Oprah show talked about the law of attraction. Millions of people are learning and hearing about this information right now. The knowledge about the law of attraction goes actually back to the ancient civilizations.


Many people today are using this great knowledge to harness its powers to benefit in various ways.


The law of attraction has already helped countless women and men to loose weight easily and simple. This news is good news. You too now are able to loose weight with the law of attraction.


Harness the power of the greatest law in the universe! Become a slender person once and for all! Here is some information of how you can do this:


You may be one of the many women who have tried just about any diet and you may have lost some weight only to gain it back and maybe even more. So by applying the wisdom of the law of attraction you now can have the right tools to lose weight easily and simply and totally naturally.



  • Learn and make it a habit to meditate daily and relax. Learn to say your affirmations. You may simply say “I am perfect slim and healthy”. First this may seem like a lie. But you have to remember that you are working along with your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind only reacts to a present command. It does not react to a future command, such as ”I will loose weight, or I will be slim in the future”. Your command or affirmation has to be in the present tense for this to work.

You will with your daily affirmations convince your subconscious that you are slim and healthy.

In return your body will respond to this message and you in turn will act like a slim and healthy person. This will be important when it comes to your eating habits. This is how you will finally be able to get rid of your unwanted weight problem for ever.


Try to find a relaxed atmosphere when saying your affirmations daily. You can even turn on some soothing background music.

Many people also are looking at pictures of slim persons while doing this. You can even look at pictures of delicious fruits and vegetables.

You also need to say your affirmations with feelings. So just close your eyes and imagine yourself with your perfect bodyweight. How would you feel? When saying your affirmations feel how it feels to you to be slim and healthy.


You may say this is just too simple to be true.


You may be used to have to spend money in order for something to be of any value. You may think in terms of “you get what you pay for”.

But the truth is, you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. To lose weight is as easy as it was for you to gain weight. It was easy to gain weight for you. You did not have to think about how to gain weight and nobody had to remind you to over eat so you can gain weight. Your weight gain was auto pilot and there was no mental effort on your part. So the very same is true of losing weight. It no doubt may sound unreal to you but losing weight can be auto pilot just like gaining weight.


You see most people are not aware of the power of the subconscious mind. Have you ever wondered why it is seemingly so hard for millions of people to lose weight even if they really want to lose weight?



Your subconscious mind is very powerful. With the law of attraction your subconscious mind becomes the tool you can use to lose weight.

You want to say your affirmations therefore everyday. Work with the law of attraction to make losing weight naturally and easy.

A subconscious mind programmed to over eat for whatever reason will make loosing weight a loosing battle. So what you need to do is to use the precious knowledge of the natural laws of the universe and learn to make the law of attraction work for you.



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